Beyond This Silence 2–Staring From The Mountains

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Yeah folks it has been a long time since my last update here due to several reasons… Maybe the fatal one was the loss of my HD (hard disk) and all its content. I lost my projects on work (from artwork templates till structures and set to finish), my music files… So it took me a hard time to recover some of this data. I feel sorry for staying away from here these two months but I’m proud to annouce I have some news to you all :)

I got some real good reactions to “Beyond This Silence” first episode, and it was the time to do the follow up. So this is Beyond This Silence 2 – Staring From The Mountains, the second chapter of my chillout series!

"Staring From The Mountains" is a ethereal soundscape captured some meters above the ground. It's the reflection of our world as seen from the top of the far southern mountains, translated into sound - as we were watching ourselves from another place. Ranging from pure atmospheric sounds to deep melodies, "Staring From The Mountains" were planned to achieve your deep thoughts by lifting up your mind and carring you to a peaceful state of mind.

Featured tracks:

01 - Chicane - Early
02 - Thomas Mahler - Light Entering The Sacred Dome
03 - Mirco de Govia with Marco Torrance - Apeiron
04 - Carbon Based Lifeforms - Held Together by Gravity
05 - Solar Fields - Air Song
06 - Aes Dana - Suspending Grounds
07 - Secede - Foliage Pathway
08 - Above & Beyond - Indonesia
09 - Amethystium - Elvensong
10 - Sigur Rós - Untitled #01
11 - 4Heaven - Outro (Heading Home)

Total length: 57:36
Quality: 224 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

My excurses to the mountains near my hometown were the main inspiration for concepting this set. So it may take you away from the ground :)

Download the full pack here:




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Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

The Lazy Side of Life

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Here I am to present for you something more different than the usual. As a lover of EDM in general, this time I focused on a style of house music that I love so much: deep & soulful house! This style captures exactly the side of house that I appreciate the most: groovy beats, smooth claps, funky rhythm, simple melodies, cheerful synths, chilled and soulful atmosphere, pumping bass lines and the retro feeling of course. It receives a lot of influences from the original house music (e.g., Chicago House) from the 80’s. This is proper house, not these commercial bullshits played on  mainstream radios!

Even if you don’t know this kind of sound, or are afraid of what it can be, I strongly recommend you to check this out! I’m sure you’ll at least enjoy the feeling of this set. Let me show you… The Lazy Side of Life!

Tracks on this mix:

Mr. Jones & Soul T - Night Shift [Original Mix]
Replika - Inner Visions [Original Mix]
Bioground - Affinity [Original Mix]
Pawel Kobak - Listen [Original Mix]
Kellyys - Sail With Me [Original Mix]
Angel Rize - Dunda [Daniel Trajkov Chicago House Remix]
Shur-I-Kan - Noodling [Original Mix]
Ivan Enot - Morning [Original Mix]
Ellen Allien - Searching [Shonky Remix]
Cubik & Origami - Bought & Sold [Pete Dafeet Mix]

Total length: 54:04
Quality: 224 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Perhaps the name “The Lazy Side of Life” reminds you of something… Yeah, the Roger Shah’s aka Sunlounger “The Beach Side of Life” album. Thinking of a title for the mix, suddenly came to my mind this idea – and that’s what the deep & soulful house makes me imagine, lazy moments of lounge and chill, in a different way than chillout music, both great ways btw :)

Download the full mix here:

Download now! 

That quick preview…

4Heaven presents The Lazy Side of Life (Preview) by 4Heaven

I’m really waiting for good reactions about this “different” set! Let me know what you think about it by leaving a quick comment below… And yeah, please be cool guys: I’m not leaving trance or something, as I never did! I’m just trying to bring you different suggestions in music, seems to be a good deal, isn’t it?

Second episodes of The Ones We Left Behind and Stories In The Sky coming soon :-)


Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

Stories In The Sky #01 – Beginning From The End

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Be welcome to my new set series!

Since the humans started to think about things they can’t explain, the Universe became the center of almost all our deepest thoughts. And this has been happening for hundreds of years… Across this time, the sky has been watching the humans creating legends and stories for one of the most inspiring – but also haunting – mysteries of life.

Many of these stories show us some precious lessons. First of all, the end is only a new beginning. Lots of violent explosions and star deaths enabled chemical elements such as iron and carbon to be created. Could you imagine life without these elements? Some say the Universe itself began from an end. This show us how the sky is alive, how lots of changes are happening within a few seconds. In our life, it isn’t different.


Total length: 1:21:40                                 Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

The First Story: Beginning From The End” came from this idea, the cross of changes. The intro drives into some distorted frequencies and spacey interference noises. A quick mood swing, then diving into again to a deeper space, which ends up with a melancholic piano melody. The following tracks create a mazy atmosphere of perplexity and doubts. This heavy weight is counterbalanced by the track’s smooth and soft sound – I mean, low-bpm progressive trance. This feeling surrounds the set ‘till a pray for light approach, and delivers a lifting and sweet melody based track. This state of hope is followed by an nostalgic and soulful sound, which after some minutes dropping life into the set, walks slowly to the end – when a more hard bass line and energetic synthesizers will hit your ears suddenly. Like a star dying into a supernova. This anxious euphoric sensation will last until a new episode of sound explosion and violence. After all the changes are done, after all of these seasons and reflections, daytime arrives and keeps everything alive – the answer for the hope. It’s time to a new quietness that will now fill this brand new room.

A quick preview of this set:

I’ve spent a lot of days producing this set. The idea of creating it came into my mind 6 months ago. I’ve spent 4 months searching for the exact tracks to structure it, and believe me, it was too hard to do. I had to make something around 20 tracklists to find the final choice! With the story in my mind, write it into sound was also difficult. These tracks are not that easy to mix in this order ;) But… After all of this effort, if you listen to The First Story and felt like I intended for you to feel, then all my work will worthwhile. :)

This time I’m deciding to make it different… I won’t reveal the tracklist now. But wait… it’s part of the story! I strongly recommend you to listen to the set without knowing the track’s name. That’s the joy of music sets, and it’s forgotten these days. But in the pack, there’s an TXT file with the tracklist, so don’t worry about it! ;-) Also, there’s an CUE file included and the whole explanation of the concept of this set, which I think you’ll like to read :)

Download now!

Package includes:

MP3 File + TXT Tracklist + CUE File + PDF Information + JPG Artwork

That’s all, my friends. I really hope you’ll like it. And please send your opinion to me, it’s too important!

Best regards,

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

Painting The Sound

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Arte: Atividade que supõe a criação de sensações ou de estados de espírito de caráter estético, carregados de vivência pessoal e profunda, podendo suscitar em outrem o desejo de prolongamento ou renovação; A capacidade criadora do artista de expressar ou transmitir tais sensações ou sentimentos.[Dicionário Aurélio]


Art: Activity that suggests the creation of sensations or states of mind with esthetic proprieties, filled of personal and deep life experience, able to cause on another person the desire of prolongation or renovation; The artist’s creative capacity of express or transmit such sensations or feelings. [Aurelio Dictionary]

Well, these words helped me to create this set. But why rely my mind on the definition of art? It’s because this set is specially dedicated to a girl that made me think about those words: Jéssica Notório, this is your set! I’m sorry it’s a little bit late, but maybe you know how I’m busy these weeks! :)

From the moment she gave me this idea, I’ve been thinking on what should I do for it. So I quickly remembered that she has the ability to paint nice pictures, as you can see on the set’s artwork:

Great composition of hot/cold colors, isn’t it? Jessica created this painting called “Vista da Janela da Cozinha” – something like “As seen from the kitchen’s window”, painted in July 08, 2010 . Then I created “Painting The Sound”, the idea of translating her pictures to sound moved me to reflect with beats and melodies the feelings printed on this art. I don’t know if I succeeded, but at least I hope this set can give the same chills to you that her picture gives to me! :)

Based on this, I’ve chosen 15 tracks to paint my own picture! It was quite hard to do, but I could take them and organize them on the following tracklist:

01. Gaillard Clement - Electro Team

02. Daniel Mahuad - Winter Solstice (Sunn Jellie Remix)

03. Janeiro & Sovt - Dreams of The Sea

04. Nino Alvarez - Always & Forever

05. Andy Duguid feat. Leah - Miracle Moments

06. Julie Thompson - Shine (JPL & George Hales Remix)

07. ATB feat. Sean Ryan - All I Need (Club Mix)

08. Faruk Sabanci - Jessica’s Sanctuary

09. Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna - Delusion (Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade Remix)

10. Roman Sokolovsky - Spring Feeling

11. Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab - Lonely Girl

12. Myon & Shane 54 - Not A Lot Left

13. Way Out West - The Doors Are Where The Windows Should Be

14. Mylo - Emotion 98.6

15. Gui Boratto – Besides

Total length: 1:20:03                                 Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

Driving, chilling, smooth but notably melodic, progressive but with sudden breaks and mood swings, this is how “Painting The Sound” sounds to me. How will it impress you?

Download now!

Many thanks for the ones that still enjoy my work! Your support is what keeps me going on with my “job”. And of course, thank you Jessica for the idea and for every further thing!!!

Kind regards,

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

Beyond This Silence 1 – The Ones We Left Behind

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Hi everyone! My very first chillout set is done, and it’s a pleasure for me to share it with you!

It has been a long time since I’ve been thinking of making a relaxing mix, but honestly I didn’t took the time to do it. But this weekend I found some inspiration, and then Beyond This Silence was born – my new compilation series in ambient/downtempo/new age/neoclassic/lounge/acoustic style.

Personally I’m a huge fan of chillout music, and I needed to share something of this world to you. This music can make you trip through a brand new universe, filled with the smoothest melodies, melted with silent sounds and samples of perfection. A great way of meditation, it carries you to a thoughtful  state of mind. Like trance music does with me, but in a different manner; trance with its energy, chillout with its peace.

Featured tracks in this first episode…

01. Solar Fields - Silent Walking (Original Mix)
02. Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt - Tabla Mizma (Chilled Datt Remix)
03. Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars (Original Version)
04. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init (Original Mix)
05. Airwave - Trilogique (Original Mix)
06. Klems - A Night In Paris (Original Mix)
07. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Solarstone Chillout Mix)
08. Envio - Touched by The Sun (Rusch & Elusives Chillout Mix)
09. Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Chillout Mix)
10. Lasgo - Searching (Original Mix)
11. Norah Jones - Shoot The Moon (Original Version)
12. ATB - Engrossing Moments (Original Mix)

Total length: 1:01:44                                 Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

The first episode is called “The Ones We Left Behind”, a reflection of the things we left behind when starting a new journey, that still will follow us through our memories. A nostalgic atmosphere, sometimes sad by the losses of the past moments, sometimes lifted by the expectations of a new life, always wondering about questions of our past, our present and our future… Music fills the empty space left by the questions we never had an answer, and advices us that changes are necessary, they come to put our lives on a next and better level.

Download now! 

Package includes: “Beyond This Silence” mix (mp3) + “Artworks in HQ” (jpg) + “Cue Sheet” (cue) + “Read Me Info” (txt).

Every kind of comment and opinion is appreciated! Please leave them in the comments section below, it’s easy and fast (no need to login!).

Thank you again for all your support, and I really hope that you guys will love this chillout mix! Coming back soon with more trance mixes…

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

The Night Daydream VII – Summer Special

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Things are getting hotter down here on the Southern Hemisphere… Days plenty of summer!!! A combination of sun, beach, fresh wind and chilling moments needs some – great – music on the background. So I’ve put my hands on the deck to make a Summer Special edition of your well-known The Night Daydream – When Thoughts Become Trance Music! It’s time to enjoy the full summer feeling.

As the season suggests, The Night Daydream VII comes more chilling and peaceful than the usual, filled of chillout and progressive tracks. The entire mix is a projection of a summer day – can you feel it? If you need more info, just roll down the page to read more below, where I’ll explain the choice of this tracklist.

Featured tracks on the Summer Special episode:

01. Mango – Good Morning Track (Sundriver Intro Mix) [Hello Sun!]

02. Roger Shah pres. Sunlounger – Trademark White (Original Mix)

03. Anhken – Who’s There? (Intro Mix)

04. Andy Duguid feat. Leah – Wasted (Original Mix)

05. DJ Tatana – Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Summerstyle Remix)

06. Chicane – In Praise Of The Sun (Original Mix)

07. York – On The Beach (Original Mix) [Back to 2000’s Summer]

08. JPL – Summer Skin (Original Mix) [12 AM Heat]

09. Signum – Riddles In The Sand (Original Mix)

10. Estiva – Like A Dream (Original Mix)

11. Cressida – Two-O-Ten (Original Mix)

12. Progressiver – Marina (Original Mix)

13. Monogato – Sincere (Original Mix)

14. Danjo & Andrew Shartner – It Is Written (Andrew Shartner Mix)

15. Roger Shah pres. Sunlounger – Kuta Beach (Club Mix)

16. Blank & Jones – Watching The Waves (Original Mix) [Chilling Sunset Break]

17. Luiz B – The Island (Original Mix) [Afterglow Time]

18. ATB – Cabana Moon (Original Mix) [Night Time Flow]

19. ATB – Malibu Road (Original Mix) [Midnight Song]

Length: 1:38:49       Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

As you could see, this mix ranges from morning to midnight. Starts calm and promising like a sunrise with “Good Morning Track (Sundriver Intro Mix)” and keeps warming track by track until the high noon with “Summer Skin”, the most energetic track in this mix. Then rises the afternoon, sunny-headed like “Riddles In The Sand”, “Like A Dream”, “Two-O-Ten”… “Marina” drops the last heat, and “Sincere” advises that the sun is going down on the sky. The chord melody in “It Is Written” prepares the sunset, along with “Kuta Beach”. Sunset finally comes with “Watching The Waves”, a sudden chillout break that watches the sun disappearing on the horizon. The beats come back with the afterglow-ish “The Island”. Night has come, and “Cabana Moon” drops its colder feeling. When “Malibu Road” arrives, there’s nothing but the silent and quiet midnight.

You can listen to a quick preview by clicking on “Play” below:

The Night Daydream VII Minimix by 4Heaven

Please take a look at the tracks’ titles… Are them just coincidence? :)

Download it right now or free!

Download now!

If you’re here in the Southern part of the globe, this set is gonna make you pray for more sunny days… And if you’re on the North, don’t worry… Why don’t forget the snow outside?

Thank you for your support!!!

If you like it, please post a comment below (it’s so easy)!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven