The Lazy Side of Life

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Here I am to present for you something more different than the usual. As a lover of EDM in general, this time I focused on a style of house music that I love so much: deep & soulful house! This style captures exactly the side of house that I appreciate the most: groovy beats, smooth claps, funky rhythm, simple melodies, cheerful synths, chilled and soulful atmosphere, pumping bass lines and the retro feeling of course. It receives a lot of influences from the original house music (e.g., Chicago House) from the 80’s. This is proper house, not these commercial bullshits played on  mainstream radios!

Even if you don’t know this kind of sound, or are afraid of what it can be, I strongly recommend you to check this out! I’m sure you’ll at least enjoy the feeling of this set. Let me show you… The Lazy Side of Life!

Tracks on this mix:

Mr. Jones & Soul T - Night Shift [Original Mix]
Replika - Inner Visions [Original Mix]
Bioground - Affinity [Original Mix]
Pawel Kobak - Listen [Original Mix]
Kellyys - Sail With Me [Original Mix]
Angel Rize - Dunda [Daniel Trajkov Chicago House Remix]
Shur-I-Kan - Noodling [Original Mix]
Ivan Enot - Morning [Original Mix]
Ellen Allien - Searching [Shonky Remix]
Cubik & Origami - Bought & Sold [Pete Dafeet Mix]

Total length: 54:04
Quality: 224 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Perhaps the name “The Lazy Side of Life” reminds you of something… Yeah, the Roger Shah’s aka Sunlounger “The Beach Side of Life” album. Thinking of a title for the mix, suddenly came to my mind this idea – and that’s what the deep & soulful house makes me imagine, lazy moments of lounge and chill, in a different way than chillout music, both great ways btw :)

Download the full mix here:

Download now! 

That quick preview…

4Heaven presents The Lazy Side of Life (Preview) by 4Heaven

I’m really waiting for good reactions about this “different” set! Let me know what you think about it by leaving a quick comment below… And yeah, please be cool guys: I’m not leaving trance or something, as I never did! I’m just trying to bring you different suggestions in music, seems to be a good deal, isn’t it?

Second episodes of The Ones We Left Behind and Stories In The Sky coming soon :-)


Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

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Almerindo Lana said...

PS: Seems that between tracks "Dunda" and "Noodling" there's a mixing error, but don't panic, it's just an effect of that track (a delay on the Dunda's kick sounds like an sync mistake)

Enjoy :)

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Anonymous said...

excellent my friend very good compilation that makes my life better..........keep the good work......

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