The Night Daydream V

I’m very proud to announce that The Night Daydream V is out now and available for you to download!

We keep our journey through the best scenes in trance music, filled with beyond heavenly tracks which will make your ears pray for more :-)

Featured tracks on this episode:

01. Anhken - It Can't Be True (Original Mix)

02. Rapha & Reminder - Beyond The Clouds (R.E.N.O.I.S.E. Remix)

03.  Markus Schulz – Rain (Original Mix)

04. Wezz Deval - This is Your Day (Original Mix)

05. Sander van Doorn – Daddyrock (Original Mix)

06. Leon Bolier & Sied van Riel - Dark Star (Original Mix)

07. Fei-Fei – Daksa (Original Mix)

08. Daniel Loubscher – Himalaya (Original Mix)

09. SoundLift – Horizonte (Original Mix)

10. Kaltflut – Elfenregen (Original Mix)

11. John O'callaghan - Desert Orchid (Original Mix)

12. Solex - Victim Of Love (Original Mix)

13. Luiz B presents LZB – Resplendence (Original Mix)

14. Mike Foyle – Sundown (Original Mix)

15. Enya – Evening Falls (Original Mix) [Chillout End]

Length: 1:23:12       Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

In this episode, a dark gem by Rapha & Reminder, remixed by R.E.N.O.I.S.E. appears as a surprise on the second track. Also we got some brilliant progressive trance tracks by Anhken and Mike Foyle, strong tech trance tunes by Wezz Deval, Sander van Doorn,  Bolier & van Riel, and by Fei-Fei, the bad girl of trance – in her great “Daksa”. SoundLift delivers again with the wonderful “Horizonte”, followed up by masterpieces like “Desert Orchid” by JOC and “Victim Of Love” by the romanian trance producer Solex. An exclusive track by Kaltflut: here comes “Elfenregen”, and this will storm your ears. Brazilian trance & progressive producer Luiz B show all his great skills on the superb “Resplendence”.

At the end, a huge and wonderful song by Enya – Evening Falls. I couldn’t resist to put this track here ;-) I’m sure you’ll love it!

Listen to a quick preview of the 5th episode of TND:

The Night Daydream V - Minimix by 4Heaven

Download here the full length set!!!

Download now!

Many thanks to all those good reactions to the last edition of The Night Daydream. That’s what makes me keep my work up! Also, special thanks to Raul Lemos aka Breathe, again!

Thank you for your support, and for listening to my mixes! Hope you’ll be rewarded with some good time :D

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

Taking The Long Way II

The trip continues!!! Out now the second episode of Taking The Long Way, a special compilation with 10 hot progressive trance tunes and with great vocal trance tracks :-)

Featured tracks on this episode:

01. Richard Durand – Divine (Original Mix)

02. Estiva – Dalmatia (Original Mix)

03. Charlie Dée – Have It All (Tiësto Remix)

04. Pulser feat Josie – Undo The Silence (David Forbes Remix)

05. Aly & Fila feat. Katherine Crowe – It Will Be OK (Original Mix)

06. Cressida – Two-O-Ten (Original Mix)

07. Agulo feat David Berkeley – Fire Sign (Steve Brian’s Remix)

08. Armin van Buuren feat Cathy Burton – I Surrender (Original Mix)

09. Front – Shout Of A Seagull (Tucandeo Remix)

10. Andy Tau – Ellipsis (Original Mix)

Lenght: 1:02:38       Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

Don’t know if this worth listening? So listen to this quick preview, with a few seconds of each track:

Taking The Long Way 2 - Minimix by 4Heaven

Download the full set here!!!

Download now!

Hope this can be the best soundtrack to your travel!!! :-)

Thanks for downloading and for your support again!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven