Tender Wind On A Summernight

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A tribute to the fresh breeze that gently chill us out during the summer nights!

It’s summer at the southern hemisphere. December 28, 2012. That was another warm summer night in my hometown, and I started feeling troubled by the heat while I was at my bedroom, listening to The Timewriter’s album “Jigsaw Pieces”. So I decided to go outside and chill out a bit.

I sit on a bench at my frontyard to stare into the sky. It’s quite rare to see a clear night sky at the summer (sky is cloudy at 90% of the days during this season)… I was glad to see some really nice constellations I don’t see in the winter sky! That was a precious moment. The cold wind was blowing from a far away rainy place (I could see some stormy clouds at the distant horizon), gently approaching my skin… I had just listened “Tender Wind On A Summer Night” by The Timewriter before going outside. At that second I realized what was the best jewel you can feel in a summer night: THE TENDER WIND!

After enjoying that chilling night I decided that it would be a nice thing to make a set for the summer’s less recognized child. We always think about the summer imagining a sunny afternoon at the beach, but never a breezy night at the meadows.

I instantly wrote a tracklist. And I couldn’t put any other title on my set than… Tender Wind On A Summernight.



01. 4heaven - Nature Excerpted 2, Intro
02. BT - Nocturnal Transmission
03. The Timewriter - Tender Wind On A Summernight
04. Soney - Nuissance
05. Reii - Hoola Hoop
06. The Field - The Deal
07. Guy J - Pathos (Luis Junior Remix)
08. Voltaeric - Sinu
09. Vincenzo & Elon - Yarra Valley
10. Heny Saiz & Cora Novoa - Golden Dawn
11. Dosem - August Lovers
12. Yagya feat. Ellen Kristjánsdóttir - Waiting For The Rain
13. 4heaven - Nature Excerpted 3, Outro

Total length: 1:09:59
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Are you up to listen to the fresh breeze? Now you can listen to it online at (and download it if you like!). It’s streamable!

Or the mediafire link to download:




Maybe you just need to go outside and watch the clear night sky. The tender wind is waiting for you!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven