Old Memories I Never Had

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Firstly, I apologize for the long time whitout updating this blog. I love to do what I do here, but sometimes I don’t have the free time I’d like to make the things flow with the wind…

Being outta here for such a long time made me think of something really huge to start a comeback. What could I do? I was planning to build the second chapter of “Stories In The Sky” or the return of “The Night Daydream”. But somehow I thought I should do something different this time. And I’ve went deep…

This project took no more than 4 months to get it done. A lot of things happened since I’ve wrote the first sketch of the tracklist, and the final result (that you’ll listen to in a few minutes) has managed to turn into something completely different from that sketch.

The aftermath is “Old Memories I Never Had”, probably the most subjective set I’ve done. The message written between the audio frames is all about the deepest thoughts and feelings that were running through my mind during the latest weeks. Every single thing in this set is intentional, and has a reason to be there. There are special meanings all over the “Old Memories I Never Had”; from the tracks’ titles to the atmospheric soundscapes, from the scent left in the air to the picture at the artwork.


01. Aes Dana - Aftermath # 01
02. H.U.V.A. Network - Morning Call (Dawn Remix)
03. Moshic - Reality Illustrated
04. Art of Trance - Praxia (Airwave Remix)
05. Astropilot - Finding Wings
06. sync24 - White Pixels
07. Solar Fields - A Breeze Through Life
08. Secede - Memory Table, Part 2
09. Reii - Will No Fear
10. 4Heaven - Some Thoughts Adrifting Through The Sea of My Mind (Soundscape)
11. Kettel – Ende

Total length: 1:06:39
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Differently from what I used to do, I’m not gonna explain nothing about this set. I can’t (and I shouldn’t) help in any interpretations about it. Your own thoughts and questions about ‘what’s the message hidden here?’ are part of what I intended to do with "the “Old Memories I Never Had”.

Dive into this set and let yourself to be guided by the sounds. That’s all that I’d like to recommend!




I’d really love to read your own interpretation about this special set! You can do it by simply writting a comment on the box below, or dropping a message to me at

Thanks for your support and patience!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven