Hidden Thoughts On An Empty Pathway

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As I’ve promised, I’m putting out some unreleased works. This one isn’t a ‘lost work’ at all because I finished mixing it only 2 weeks ago… But until yesterday night I was planning to never give it a chance to see the sunlight. I’ll try to make things clearer, a little patience will make you understand it a little bit :-)

It’s been a time I don’t make mixes just ‘for the sake of the sound’. I mean, I’m not creating sets only looking forward to its music content, but further: to the deeper meanings permeating the tracks. Basicly I start everything depicting an idea in my mind, and from this point I start choosing the right tracks and combining them to express that idea. So the music becomes a consequence of the process, not its main objective. [Not that I think that a ‘for-the-sake-of-the-sound set’ is soulless; I see room for both. In fact I’m already planning to make one mix in this style together with a good friend of mine, watch out!]

But this one went so far. It’s heavily subjetive, something extremely personal. So subjective that I created it without any plans of releasing it. So personal that I wondered for two weeks what I should do with it. But I ended up realizing that Voyager’s mission would never had started if it wasn’t released into the deep open space one day.

Would be hard for me to reveal what’s behind this mix. Doing that would go against its concept. But perhaps the biggest clue I could give is right on the set’s artwork. I couldn’t make a better description of it than that depicted on Salvador Dalí’s “Los Elefantes”. For all of these days I’ve been staring into this brilliant piece and it scares me to notice how it all makes sense. It is almost a picture of my vague, empty yet dreaming mindscape.

4heaven - Hidden Thoughts On An Empty Pathway


01. 4heaven - Intro: On An Empty Pathway
02. Teen Daze - Ice On The Windowsill
03. Skywide - If You Forget My Name
04. Skywide & Perspective - Structures
05. OMN - From Nowhere
06. 4heaven - Interlude: To Nowhere (A Matter of Probabilities)
07. Shlohmo - Things I Lost
08. Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans (Mountain Range Remix | 4heaven Short Dub Edit)
09. Mountain Range - It's Lonely Around People, Too
10. Hammock - Elm
11. Sigur Rós - Varðeldur
12. Two Bicycles - How Real?
13. 4heaven - Outro: The Golden Record

For an instance, you can stream the mix at Souncloud and better: download it @ 320 kbps and listen to it on a good bass headphone. I’ll put a Mediafire link here as well soon.

Soundwise, it’s another chilling compilation of dreamy ambient tunes crafted with gentle touches of ethereal nothingness. There’s no need to spend your whole time when listening to this mix trying to find messages within – come on, this is not a riddle. Just syntonize the right frequencies and let yourself to be guided through this empty pathway – that I quite know, can lead you to nowhere. But one thing I can assure: it will please your vaguest feelings.

I’ll be back soon with something hot.

Thanks for your priceless support!

Almerindo Lana aka 4heaven

The deArgan Way

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Here comes the set I’ve specially made for the Trance Brazil Weekend event, as broadcasted 26 January (last weekend)! I received too many positive reactions about it, and that made me really proud. Thank you guys who listened to it live ;-) For those who has missed it, here comes the link!
Here is a 2 hour set of the pure trance sound as we like it. I took care to don’t add any progressive house, techno or whatever other genre (except the intro) track into it… to make it a TRANCE set with major case.
I managed to guide you through a long and progressive, driving journey; taking care to not make it monotonous or savourless. A highway that will make the driver pray to stay on the track and don’t take any other direction. Here it is… The deArgan Way!

01. BT – All That Makes Us Human Continues
02. Aes Dana - Heaven Report
03. Circular - Hurumburum
04. Miika Kuisma - Orbiter
05. The Digital Blonde - Jinga
06. Kay-D - Fruitful Love
07. Timewave - Desolated World
08. SQD - The Inversed Puma
09. Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind
10. Union Jack - Baboon
11. NuEra - Quondam
12. John '00' Fleming - The Fires of The Chameleon
13. Paragliders - FishEye (Deep Mix)
14. Paul Oakenfold - Amsterdam
15. 8 Wonders - The Liftoff
16. Vibrasphere - Reservoir
17. Solar Fields - Brainbow
18. Tiësto - Nyana
19. Yahel - Voyage
20. Ian van Dahl – Try
Total length: 1:59:11
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Online listening, streaming and even downloading:

It took me a huge time and effort, but I got the reward! :-)
I know you will like it, my dear. Thanks for the kind support!
Mind to like my facebook page? Here it is: :-)
See you all back later!
A. Lana aka 4Heaven

Tender Wind On A Summernight

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A tribute to the fresh breeze that gently chill us out during the summer nights!

It’s summer at the southern hemisphere. December 28, 2012. That was another warm summer night in my hometown, and I started feeling troubled by the heat while I was at my bedroom, listening to The Timewriter’s album “Jigsaw Pieces”. So I decided to go outside and chill out a bit.

I sit on a bench at my frontyard to stare into the sky. It’s quite rare to see a clear night sky at the summer (sky is cloudy at 90% of the days during this season)… I was glad to see some really nice constellations I don’t see in the winter sky! That was a precious moment. The cold wind was blowing from a far away rainy place (I could see some stormy clouds at the distant horizon), gently approaching my skin… I had just listened “Tender Wind On A Summer Night” by The Timewriter before going outside. At that second I realized what was the best jewel you can feel in a summer night: THE TENDER WIND!

After enjoying that chilling night I decided that it would be a nice thing to make a set for the summer’s less recognized child. We always think about the summer imagining a sunny afternoon at the beach, but never a breezy night at the meadows.

I instantly wrote a tracklist. And I couldn’t put any other title on my set than… Tender Wind On A Summernight.



01. 4heaven - Nature Excerpted 2, Intro
02. BT - Nocturnal Transmission
03. The Timewriter - Tender Wind On A Summernight
04. Soney - Nuissance
05. Reii - Hoola Hoop
06. The Field - The Deal
07. Guy J - Pathos (Luis Junior Remix)
08. Voltaeric - Sinu
09. Vincenzo & Elon - Yarra Valley
10. Heny Saiz & Cora Novoa - Golden Dawn
11. Dosem - August Lovers
12. Yagya feat. Ellen Kristjánsdóttir - Waiting For The Rain
13. 4heaven - Nature Excerpted 3, Outro

Total length: 1:09:59
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Are you up to listen to the fresh breeze? Now you can listen to it online at (and download it if you like!). It’s streamable!

Or the mediafire link to download:




Maybe you just need to go outside and watch the clear night sky. The tender wind is waiting for you!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

Those August Afternoons

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Maybe some of you remember of my “Those July Afternoons” mix released two years ago. Here’s some kind of ‘follow-up’: Those August Afternoons!

My mid-of-year vacations were extended because of a general teachers’ strike at the brazilian federal universities (this includes the one I study at). I’m ok with it… Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the magic august afternoons at the place I love the most: my homeland!

Those were great times. Simple, but beautiful. Sunny, cold, dusty, windy, cheerful, blissful days that showed me that I need less things than I think to be truly happy. Of course those afternoons have left a deep mark in my mind and in my soul, and the memories of them still frequently embraces me in a warm daze. I don’t want these memories to fade away, so I captured ‘em in this joyous set.

The soulful pictures in my mind are spread in between the sound frames. I hope you will see them as I do!

4Heaven - Those August Afternoons


01. Arnej - The Road Ahead
02. I'm Not a Gun - Make Sense And Loose (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
03. Way Out West - The Gift
04. Thomas Datt - Alone
05. Mike Saint-Jules - Vespera (Forerunners Remix)
06. Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
07. Dave Horne meets Econu - Occlusion (Kamil Polner Remix)
08. Airbase feat. Illana - Affirmation
09. Sunset & Thiago Soulz - Sensation (Breathe Remix)
10. ATB - Sunset Girl
11. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
12. 4Heaven - Nature Excerpted 1, Outro

Total length: 1:10:10
Quality: 256 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Are you up to listen to the soundtrack of sunny august afternoons? Now you can listen to it online at (and download it if you like!). It’s streamable!

Listen at and download if you like!



Or the mediafire link to download:



I promise you will have some nice time with this set. Tell me if you did!
Thanks for your support again :-)

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven