Stories In The Sky #01 – Beginning From The End

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Be welcome to my new set series!

Since the humans started to think about things they can’t explain, the Universe became the center of almost all our deepest thoughts. And this has been happening for hundreds of years… Across this time, the sky has been watching the humans creating legends and stories for one of the most inspiring – but also haunting – mysteries of life.

Many of these stories show us some precious lessons. First of all, the end is only a new beginning. Lots of violent explosions and star deaths enabled chemical elements such as iron and carbon to be created. Could you imagine life without these elements? Some say the Universe itself began from an end. This show us how the sky is alive, how lots of changes are happening within a few seconds. In our life, it isn’t different.


Total length: 1:21:40                                 Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

The First Story: Beginning From The End” came from this idea, the cross of changes. The intro drives into some distorted frequencies and spacey interference noises. A quick mood swing, then diving into again to a deeper space, which ends up with a melancholic piano melody. The following tracks create a mazy atmosphere of perplexity and doubts. This heavy weight is counterbalanced by the track’s smooth and soft sound – I mean, low-bpm progressive trance. This feeling surrounds the set ‘till a pray for light approach, and delivers a lifting and sweet melody based track. This state of hope is followed by an nostalgic and soulful sound, which after some minutes dropping life into the set, walks slowly to the end – when a more hard bass line and energetic synthesizers will hit your ears suddenly. Like a star dying into a supernova. This anxious euphoric sensation will last until a new episode of sound explosion and violence. After all the changes are done, after all of these seasons and reflections, daytime arrives and keeps everything alive – the answer for the hope. It’s time to a new quietness that will now fill this brand new room.

A quick preview of this set:

I’ve spent a lot of days producing this set. The idea of creating it came into my mind 6 months ago. I’ve spent 4 months searching for the exact tracks to structure it, and believe me, it was too hard to do. I had to make something around 20 tracklists to find the final choice! With the story in my mind, write it into sound was also difficult. These tracks are not that easy to mix in this order ;) But… After all of this effort, if you listen to The First Story and felt like I intended for you to feel, then all my work will worthwhile. :)

This time I’m deciding to make it different… I won’t reveal the tracklist now. But wait… it’s part of the story! I strongly recommend you to listen to the set without knowing the track’s name. That’s the joy of music sets, and it’s forgotten these days. But in the pack, there’s an TXT file with the tracklist, so don’t worry about it! ;-) Also, there’s an CUE file included and the whole explanation of the concept of this set, which I think you’ll like to read :)

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Package includes:

MP3 File + TXT Tracklist + CUE File + PDF Information + JPG Artwork

That’s all, my friends. I really hope you’ll like it. And please send your opinion to me, it’s too important!

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Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven