The deArgan Way

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Here comes the set I’ve specially made for the Trance Brazil Weekend event, as broadcasted 26 January (last weekend)! I received too many positive reactions about it, and that made me really proud. Thank you guys who listened to it live ;-) For those who has missed it, here comes the link!
Here is a 2 hour set of the pure trance sound as we like it. I took care to don’t add any progressive house, techno or whatever other genre (except the intro) track into it… to make it a TRANCE set with major case.
I managed to guide you through a long and progressive, driving journey; taking care to not make it monotonous or savourless. A highway that will make the driver pray to stay on the track and don’t take any other direction. Here it is… The deArgan Way!

01. BT – All That Makes Us Human Continues
02. Aes Dana - Heaven Report
03. Circular - Hurumburum
04. Miika Kuisma - Orbiter
05. The Digital Blonde - Jinga
06. Kay-D - Fruitful Love
07. Timewave - Desolated World
08. SQD - The Inversed Puma
09. Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind
10. Union Jack - Baboon
11. NuEra - Quondam
12. John '00' Fleming - The Fires of The Chameleon
13. Paragliders - FishEye (Deep Mix)
14. Paul Oakenfold - Amsterdam
15. 8 Wonders - The Liftoff
16. Vibrasphere - Reservoir
17. Solar Fields - Brainbow
18. Tiësto - Nyana
19. Yahel - Voyage
20. Ian van Dahl – Try
Total length: 1:59:11
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Online listening, streaming and even downloading:

It took me a huge time and effort, but I got the reward! :-)
I know you will like it, my dear. Thanks for the kind support!
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See you all back later!
A. Lana aka 4Heaven