Beyond This Silence 1 – The Ones We Left Behind

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Hi everyone! My very first chillout set is done, and it’s a pleasure for me to share it with you!

It has been a long time since I’ve been thinking of making a relaxing mix, but honestly I didn’t took the time to do it. But this weekend I found some inspiration, and then Beyond This Silence was born – my new compilation series in ambient/downtempo/new age/neoclassic/lounge/acoustic style.

Personally I’m a huge fan of chillout music, and I needed to share something of this world to you. This music can make you trip through a brand new universe, filled with the smoothest melodies, melted with silent sounds and samples of perfection. A great way of meditation, it carries you to a thoughtful  state of mind. Like trance music does with me, but in a different manner; trance with its energy, chillout with its peace.

Featured tracks in this first episode…

01. Solar Fields - Silent Walking (Original Mix)
02. Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt - Tabla Mizma (Chilled Datt Remix)
03. Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars (Original Version)
04. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Init (Original Mix)
05. Airwave - Trilogique (Original Mix)
06. Klems - A Night In Paris (Original Mix)
07. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Solarstone Chillout Mix)
08. Envio - Touched by The Sun (Rusch & Elusives Chillout Mix)
09. Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Chillout Mix)
10. Lasgo - Searching (Original Mix)
11. Norah Jones - Shoot The Moon (Original Version)
12. ATB - Engrossing Moments (Original Mix)

Total length: 1:01:44                                 Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

The first episode is called “The Ones We Left Behind”, a reflection of the things we left behind when starting a new journey, that still will follow us through our memories. A nostalgic atmosphere, sometimes sad by the losses of the past moments, sometimes lifted by the expectations of a new life, always wondering about questions of our past, our present and our future… Music fills the empty space left by the questions we never had an answer, and advices us that changes are necessary, they come to put our lives on a next and better level.

Download now! 

Package includes: “Beyond This Silence” mix (mp3) + “Artworks in HQ” (jpg) + “Cue Sheet” (cue) + “Read Me Info” (txt).

Every kind of comment and opinion is appreciated! Please leave them in the comments section below, it’s easy and fast (no need to login!).

Thank you again for all your support, and I really hope that you guys will love this chillout mix! Coming back soon with more trance mixes…

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

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Juan said...

ohh nice dude. i was waiting for this! fb soon :)

Jéssica Notório said...

Almerindo, eu chorei só de ler o que vc escreveu.... rsrsr
Sabe o que eu sinto qnd escuto as suas músicas? Eu sinto que existe beleza, simplicidade e paz nesse mundo.
Isso que vc faz é poesia em forma de música.
É arte que a gte vê e ouve, mas, principalmente, sente...
Brigada por me permitir sentir isso! =D

Anonymous said...

yeaah bro
this is a piece of heaven, thank you so much for all the effort on making this set. this worths a listen.

tc, augusto

Anonymous said...

thanks for some minutes of paradise!
this set is wonderful, i like all the concept behind it... your a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Keep it up!

Gigi said...

Can't wait to hear this, downloading it now. I know it's going to be great just by looking at the comments and also because I can't get over your trance sets. Keep up the good work man! :D

Raul said...

Amo esse set! Não disse que um pouco de Chillout faria bem à saúde?

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Function One (160BPM)

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