Order & Progression I

Hi guys!

Here comes the first Order & Progression set! I’ve selected 10 great melodic progressive house tunes to put in it, and I think the result is very good! ;-)

Order & Progression 1

Let me tell you a little bit about these tunes. I start the mix with a state-of-art track, Here Workin’ produced by Leventina and remixed by Dinka (both from Switzerland). That epic intro can show you what’s gonna happen with your ears! Then we have the Paul Thomas’ remix to an unforgivable classic trance track: Saltwater by Chicane. Probably you have heard the original track, and you may also like this one! Maria Brenhan’s voice still sounds so deep… Oliver Smith comes back with Horizons, smooth and atractive track, like to listen to it during the weekend. Shoreliners bring us a beautiful track again, Every Sunset, filled with an chilling and surrounding melody that will make you feel like you’re really watching a sunset :D Mossy uses to make only masterpieces, and it isn’t different with Come With Me: flowing, beautiful sound with that seducing woman’s voice whispering “come with me…” Gotta love it! The brazilian Luiz B is one of the best melodic progressive house / trance producers actually, and one of my biggest fav, so I couldn’t resist to add Thought to my tracklist! This songs is nothing but a massive ch00n, with sweet basses, great piano notes and that fine dolphin’s voices (so creative, isn’t it?). Touching Ground adds a beautiful and sexy vocal to our mix (vocal by Esmaye), which seems to exactly fit the deep atmosphere entire the track. Great work, Andy Duguid! Have you heard about the first trance track of all time? This track is called The Age Of Love, released  in the beginning of 90’s. Click here to see the Jam & Spoon’ remix for this tune (the most known version of this one). But in Order & Progression I you’ll can check the Andrew Bennett’s remix, made up in 2009. Take some minutes to listen to the PROFF’s Personal Summer, you’ll be rewarded! Finally, DJ Tatana’s Somebody is remixed by Leventina, a track that will peacefully finish the set. Perhaps you’ll remember the summer when listening to it… Ok, this is a summer tune made for summer days ;D

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01. Leventina - Here Workin' (Dinka Instumental Mix)
02. Chicane feat Maria Brenhan - Saltwater (Paul Thomas Mix)
03. Oliver Smith - Horizons
04. Shoreliners - Every Sunset
05. Mossy - Come With Me
06. Luiz B - Thought
07. Andy Duguid feat Esmaye - Touching Ground
08. Andrew Bennett - The Age Of Love
09. PROFF - My Personal Summer
10. DJ Tatana - Somebody (Leventina Remix)

Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

Genre: Progressive House

Lenght: 56min35sec

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Do you want to split the set and get the songs separated? It’s easy and you can do it in less than 5 seconds! Just download the .CUE file and open it with the program “Medieval Cue Splitter”. All you need is included in this package (both .cue file and the program to open it), with all the information you may need.


I hope you’ll like this mix… If you do, please write some comments! Would be appreciated :)

Thank you!

A. Lana aka 4Heaven