The Night Daydream IV

Finally! I’m sorry I didn’t post this before, but I was so so busy these weeks… Well, today I got free time enough to keep this up. Let’s go! The Night Daydream IV – When Thoughts Become Trance Music is now available for you for free, as always it will be.

Take your chance to listen to a special mixed set which features 15 outstanding tracks with the best in trance music! This can be your guide through the trance scene :-)

Featured tracks on this episode:

01. ATB – Midnight Sun (Original Mix)

02. Orjan Nilsen – Lovers’ Lane (Original Mix)

03. Dave Horne – For So Long (Original Mix)

04. Sied van Riel & Radion 6 – Radiator (Original Mix)

05. First State – Butterfly Effect (Original Mix)

06. Leon Bolier & Roger Shah – Eden (Original Mix)

07. Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum (Ben Gold Remix)

08. Suncatcher – Spring Break (Original Mix)

09. ReOrder pres. Group Number One – A World Of Trance (Original Mix)

10. Nick Sentience – Kinetic (Original Mix)

11. Aly & Fila – Menes (Original Mix)

12. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Surya (Breathe Remix) [EXCLUSIVE TRACK]

13. Daniel Kandi pres. Timmus – Symphonica (Original Mix)

14. Armin van Buuren – Coming Home (Original Mix)

15. ATB – In Love With You (Original Mix) [Chillout End]

Lenght: 1:23:22       Quality: 224 kbps @ 44100 Hz

In this episode there’s tracks from the new Leon Bolier’s artist album “Phantasma” and the new Armin van Buuren’s “Mirage” – I really think Coming Home  is the best track in this album – and the brand new ATB’s Midnight Sun. Also, two tracks dedicated to the Love Parade 2010 victims, A World of Trance and In Love With You – both are beyond brilliant and wonderful. As Raul promised… An exclusive and unreleased track remixed by him in his alias “Breathe”: a great remode of Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland’s track called Surya. Thank you very much for this track, mate!

Here comes a minimix as a preview of the full-lenght The Night Daydream IV! (This is a PREVIEW!)

The Night Daydream IV Minimix by 4Heaven

Download the FULL LENGHT set here:

Download now! Click here!

I really hope you’ll all enjoy the fourth edition of The Night Daydream series, and be welcome to share your opinion and send your feedback. Again, thank you so much for the support, I appreciate it too much!

Best regards,

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

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Daniel Mohm said...

blown away on the 1st listening! :o)

Niels87 said...

Great follow-up to the previous episodes, Almerindo! Going to listen to this soon!!! Thanks for sharing!

Niels Artem

Anonymous said...

esta de muy bien esta rola!!!
trance 4 life man -:D

Anonymous said...

the arganz fate

Victor Henrique said...

AEEE!!! Tava demorando, seu safado!!!
Vamo orvi :-)

Jaime said...

hey mate, the link is broken. please re-upload it...
seems that there's someone playing around with you... and I really don't know why this guy is doing such a shameful thing!

It's because of you and another djs that I've found trance music, and without your sets I wouldn't know the producers I know right now... You do such a great work of promotion and sharing with ANY money reward, and there's some dumb guys trying to take you out of here!!!

I only ask you for keep your work up, me and lot of other guys need it and appreciate it so much... I know how much you've been bored and disappointed with those bad behaviors, but this is my message to you.



ArenaDT said...

This worth a listen, man ;D

Raul said...

Another huge set. Beautiful artworks perfect tracks and more support. Thanks for sharing it for free it REALLY worth.

9fierce9 said...

I totally love your sets and the trance selections you have used. Some of my favorite trance music in very cretive mixes.
I am a trance DJ who is originally from California, now living in Italy. I had very little knowledge of Brazilian love of trance music...but your wonderful mixes have made it very clear. Thank you for a great blog and pure, beautiful trance sets. (Is it possible to make a donation to you, to assist you in further promotion of trance?)

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Function One

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