Those July Afternoons

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July is time to slow down your life, forget your problems and all those preoccupations. It’s time to relax and enjoy the real meaning of life… ;D

So when the vacations end, it’s always an upsetting thing. And suddenly comes to you the memories of those great days… And some songs have the power to bring you all these memories and make you remember those moments. Now you can understand why I made this set and why I call it “Those July Afternoons”.

I’ve selected 10 tracks that I used to listen during my vacations. Ok, this is a very personal selection. But I bet it will also bring you some nostalgic breeze! This can’t be another thing but a soundtrack for the July sunny afternoons :-)

Those July Afternoons features tracks from the new artist albums of Lange (Harmonic Motion), First State (Changing Lanes) and Aly & Fila (Rising Sun); classics like “Otro Día” by Paul van Dyk and “The Fields Of Love” by ATB and York; uplifting bombs by Ferry Tayle and Walsh & McAulley; balearic sounds by Dj Shah and an exclusive track by Breathe, here in his alias Rustymind, with Pipeline. You won’t see this track anywhere but here, it’s and unreleased brilliant tune.

Featured tracks:

01. Markus Schulz feat Susana – Unsaid (Original Mix)

02. First State feat Elliot Johns – Surrounds Me (Original Extended Mix)

03. Aly & Fila feat Josie – Listening (Aurosonic Remix)

04. Paul van Dyk – Otro Día (Original Mix)

05. Lange feat Sarah Ozelle – Clouds Across (Original Mix)

06. DJ Shah feat Maria Nillius – Make Me Feel (Club Mix)

07. ATB feat York – The Fields Of Love (Original Club Mix)

08. Walsh & McAulley – Beyond Belief (Original Mix)

09. Ferry Tayle feat Stephan R – Duo (Universal Language Mix)

10. Breathe presents Rustymind – Pipeline (Original Mix) [Exclusive Track]

Lenght: 56:37       Quality: 192 kbps @ 44100 Hz

The two pictures in this album artwork were taken by me during my vacations. You can see them in high resolution by clicking on the following links:  (with lower saturation)

Download the mp3 here:

Download now!

When the vacations end, there’s no way to take them back. But we can still remember our good days :)

Thank you for listening! If you like it, please write a comment below!

Almerindo Lana aka 4Heaven

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Raul said...

Magnific tracklist, magnific mixing skills and magnific artwork. Plus, I can't thank you enough for supporting "Pipeline".

Huge! Keep it coming :-)

Anonymous said...

"Pipeline" is really good, mate!!! :DD

Marcus Handi said...

Who's Rustymind? Just googl'd it and my search didn't matched :\

Raul Lemos said...

Hey mates, thanks a lot for the feedback and the interest on "Pipeline".

Rustymind is my side project with Guilherme Akio. He is an old friend that is currently serving the Brazilian Air Force. We have done 2 tracks together ("Pipeline" and "Rainy Day") and we decided to do some more, but we have many other plans before. In advance, I can tell you that we and three of our friends are planning to create a Formula One anthem.

Listen to "Rainy Day" in MySpace page:

And stay tuned for the next 4Heaven set, wich will include another exclusive tune.

Thanks you.

Raul L.

Múcio said...

Muuito foda.
Mto foda a Pipeline tb.. Mandou bem!!!

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