The deArgan Way

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Here comes the set I’ve specially made for the Trance Brazil Weekend event, as broadcasted 26 January (last weekend)! I received too many positive reactions about it, and that made me really proud. Thank you guys who listened to it live ;-) For those who has missed it, here comes the link!
Here is a 2 hour set of the pure trance sound as we like it. I took care to don’t add any progressive house, techno or whatever other genre (except the intro) track into it… to make it a TRANCE set with major case.
I managed to guide you through a long and progressive, driving journey; taking care to not make it monotonous or savourless. A highway that will make the driver pray to stay on the track and don’t take any other direction. Here it is… The deArgan Way!

01. BT – All That Makes Us Human Continues
02. Aes Dana - Heaven Report
03. Circular - Hurumburum
04. Miika Kuisma - Orbiter
05. The Digital Blonde - Jinga
06. Kay-D - Fruitful Love
07. Timewave - Desolated World
08. SQD - The Inversed Puma
09. Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind
10. Union Jack - Baboon
11. NuEra - Quondam
12. John '00' Fleming - The Fires of The Chameleon
13. Paragliders - FishEye (Deep Mix)
14. Paul Oakenfold - Amsterdam
15. 8 Wonders - The Liftoff
16. Vibrasphere - Reservoir
17. Solar Fields - Brainbow
18. Tiësto - Nyana
19. Yahel - Voyage
20. Ian van Dahl – Try
Total length: 1:59:11
Quality: 320 kbps @ 44.1 KHz

Online listening, streaming and even downloading:

It took me a huge time and effort, but I got the reward! :-)
I know you will like it, my dear. Thanks for the kind support!
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See you all back later!
A. Lana aka 4Heaven

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Pablo kaleidoscope said...

Thanks friend for all you share beautiful melodies, great dj is so,
what country are you?

Anonymous said...

Man! This one is really oustanding... got me going from the very first second... amazing progression, amazing set!!! KEEP ROCKIN!

Alireza said...

i have beem listening to this mix for several times and it does not get tired... amazing work, incredible flow... you guy has got a great skill and touch.! hugs from Saudi Arabia, Alireza

Blogger said...

Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)

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