Taking The Long Way

Coming back with a special set, this is Taking The Long Way I, totally dedicated to progressive trance music. I’ve selected ten mind blowing tracks for you to listen when taking a long road… I think those vocals, melodies and beats fit perfectly a good trip :-) Also includes one bonus track…

Your car was needing a soundtrack like this!


01. Filterheadz – A Day At The Beach (Original Mix)

02. John O’Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar – Every Lesson Learned (Matt Hardwick Remix)

03. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Reward Remix)

04. Beat Service feat Emma Lock – Hiding To Nothing (Original Mix)

05. Cosmic Gate – Barra (Original Mix)

06. Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Rank 1 Remix)

07. Solarstone feat Essence – Lunar Rings (Pedro del Mar & DJ Cosmo Remix)

08. Airbase feat Floria Ambria – Denial (Original Mix)

09. DNS Project feat Johanna – Mindful (Progressive Mix)

10. Nitrous Oxide feat Aneym – Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix)

11. ATB presents Jades – Communicate (Original Mix) [BONUS TRACK]

Lenght: 1:01:37 // Quality: 192 kbps @ 44100 Hz

Download it for free and in high quality:

Download now!

This set has more vocals on it, and it’s more smooth than the others… It’s basically the progressive trance feeling, peaceful and surrounding.

Aren’t you gonna travel right now? No problems… Just close your eyes and listen to the music ;-)

Thank you again, guys!

A. Lana aka 4Heaven

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Murleccone said...

awesomeness overload!
OMG I'm gonna explode!

Anyway I wouldn't advise just closing your eyes if you are the driver :P

Andrew said...

PUUUURE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ca minha disgraça!

Anonymous said...

hi lana
sweet combination , even if i won't take the way , ican appreciate that good music in other way ,just close my eyes and let the music take me far away.
by the way this is me Karim from the "youtube"CHICHAMAHBOULA 'channel,so i will no longer be able to connect to youtube because all the ways are closed now to get through that site, but from time to time i can get in here and see what 's new , if you want to send me a message you can do it by mailling me at
ciao karim.

Blogger said...

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